In the One Land there are many kingdoms, states, empires, tribe-lands, and republics. The continent is vast and to cross its girth by foot would take a human lifetime. The gods that watch the People are mostly aloof, picking only the most dedicated and special to spread their message.

The world is old and the stories are the same. Not much catches the divine eye any more. They have seen the rise and fall of millions, and will probably see millions more. Like the world and the gods, magic is old and established. Wild magic is rare and great wizards continue to find spells of huge impact from ages long gone.

In a far corner of the One Land, a kingdom by the name of Lurrun (loo-roon) rubs against the shores of the World Sea. Most of the lands claimed by the kingdom are wild, filled with barbaric tribesmen, dwarves, and uncivilized forest elves. Most would not take notice of this poor, disjointed kingdom, but for one thing: the ever expanding Desolation.

Is it a plague from the gods? A blight on the land? A sorcerer’s experiment gone wrong? Everything it touches eventually is corrupted by it, and though that normally means farmlands turned to inert ash, or death to the wildlife, some think it may mean more.

Adventures in The One Land

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