Laric Hewvinson

Wandering Warrior


Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Level: 1
Alignment: CG

Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue (almost purple)
Age: early 20’s

Notable Attributes:
- Strength
- Dexterity

Notable Feats:
- Dodge
- Mobility

Notable Skills:
- Climb
- Jump
- Swim


Laric was born to a tribe of noble savages, The Stone Badgers. His father, Hewvin Kallson, was the last chieftain of that tribe. Hewvin was renowned as a great warrior among his people and a fearsome foe to his enemies as well as a stalwart ally to his friends. Hewvin was a giant of a man standing almost 7 feet in height. Laric inherited his half-elven mother’s, Alicia, height as well as her eyes. He does not remember her well as she died bringing a still-born baby sister into the world.

Hewvin was always hard on his only son. He considered Laric small and weak. He thought of him as too gentle and never being able to rule the tribe in the future. Hewvin had never forgiven Alicia for dying. He often thought of Laric as being a weakling like Alicia had been.

The Stone Badgers had repeated clashes with neighboring hill giants that lived in the mountains with them. Their frequent clashes meant that the tribe had to be ever-vigilant for incursions. As a young man, Laric begged to go stand the watch but Hewvin would never allow it. Hewvin always said his son was too weak for such. Laric began to sneak out and listen to the giants in their camps. He slowly learned their tongue this way.

Laric was almost 15 when the Desolation came to his village. It came in the night with a sudden surge. He remembers falling asleep from too much mead after a vigorous thrashing he had received at the hands of his father in the training ring. When he awoke after a very deep sleep he found only ashes and dead animals. Not even his father’s massive sword Grey Fang was to be found.

Laric spent much of the next two years searching for his people. He found no trace of them. Finally he knew he had to find work of some kind to help him make some money. He tried to work as a freeman but this was not to be. He found it difficult to not work for one of power and thus ended up attached to a company that worked in lumber. He honed his climbing skills and jumping skills in the trees and the rigging with his axe.

Five years later he had enough money to continue his search for his people or at least the truth behind this Desolation. Now he seeks adventure but there is a great weight upon his heart. Why him? Why was he spared and a great man such as his father was taken?

Laric Hewvinson

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